Are You Already Differentiating?

Are You Already Differentiating?

By Taru Nieminen, M.A.T.

And what does differentiating even mean? So many questions-here are the answers.

Here’s my take on it: Differentiated Instruction is the presentation of ideas and knowledge so that each student has multiple avenues and opportunities to pursue success in the subject.

Let’s discuss your classroom and whether you’re already differentiating. You probably are and don’t even know it. 🙂

Are you using any of the following: graphic organizers, manipulatives (not just for math!), hands-on activities, or modeling?

Then you’re differentiating.

Does your classroom have leveled reading materials, do you utilize reading buddies, group work, and stations for different activities?

Then you’re differentiating.

Do you give students choices? Whether it’s choosing odds/evens in completing math problems, letting students choose between using bullet points or a t-chart, or giving a choice of verbal or written answers.

Then you’re differentiating.

See-that wasn’t so hard. Many educators make it so hard on themselves thinking they must have ALL of it ready before they can start something new. I was one of them; I better have had every detail ready before anything happened in my classroom!

This “every detail ready” includes writing these articles. Some are infinitely better than others, some could use much more work-but that’s okay now- I’m going to start small and soon, even these articles will get better.

Be smart in the knowledge that you’re already differentiating and then start adding to your repertoire. If you aren’t already, one of the easiest ways to add is with graphic organizers.


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