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Race for the NumbersRace for the Numbers

Race for the Numbers: a game to be played with entire foreign language class. Students are divided into teams. Teacher says a number in the target language, students race to find the number on the board. The team with the most correct numbers wins.

facebook templateFacebook Template

Just print, make copies, and it’s ready to use; no computer or online access needed! A great way for students to be engaged with technology, yet not have to be in front of a computer! The “update status” boxes as well as the “comment” boxes are sized to fit just a few sentences/words; students need to choose their words carefully. This enables students to evaluate what they really want to say in their posts and/or comments.
Tips for Teachers:
Use the pages for all types of projects, not just world languages. Students could, for example, use the page to post questions or thoughts about current world events, bullying, family or classroom happenings, etc. The ideas are unlimited!
Great partner or group activity!

Independent Reading Contract with a rubric


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